National Centre of Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" – The Centre

The National Centre of Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" was founded at the end of the 1950’s, as a decentralized public service and was initially named Nuclear Research Centre "DEMOKRITOS".
The initial aim of the new centre was the utilisation of the advantages of nuclear energy for peaceful aims. Within this framework, and for the first time in the contemporary history of Greece, the repatriation of many Greek scientists emerged. These scientists gradually developed the structures and the organisation of scientific research in our country and participated in the configuration of the Centre as a really pioneering multi-branch centre.
In 1985, the Centre was renamed as National Centre of Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" (N.C.S.R. "D") and became a self-administered governmental legal entity, under the supervision of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (G.S.R.T.) of the Ministry of Development.
Nowadays, the scientific activities of the Centre take place in eight administratively independent Institutes: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Institute of Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection, Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics, Institute of Microelectronics, Institute of Physics/Chemistry, Institute of Biology and the Institute of Radioisotopes and Radiodiagnostic Products.
The activities of these Institutes concern the sectors such as: nanotechnology, microsystems, integrated telecommunications and informatics technology systems, modern technologies for cultural heritage, control of environmental pollutants, nuclear technology and radiation protection, accelerative systems technologies and detector devices, generation and characterization of innovative materials, bioactive molecules, natural products and biotechnology, medicines and diagnostics technologies, telemedicine, etc.

Substructures - Development

The Centre comprises research infrastructure and organized laboratories, with high technology scientific organs, a fully equipped and up to date library, the first hyper computing system in Greece, technical support and pioneering technologies, laboratories which provide services of national importance (Research Reactor, TANDEM Accelerator), while it also developed the first network service provider in our country, ARIADNE.

The multiple activities of the Centre, the collaborations that it has developed with research and educational institutions at international level, as well as with industrial institutions in the services provision sector, ensure the Center's continuous dynamic process, leading it to new forms of development.
The Technological Park of Attica "Lefkipos", constitutes an important developmental work which already runs as a pilot program since 1992 in an area of 340 m2. Up to today, a number of small research and technology companies have passed from the incubators of the Technological Park, where initially they "came of age" and then where introduced to the open competition, always maintaining their collaboration with the Park. The second and biggest building of the Technological Park, which covers an area of 1.750 m2., is due to start operation after the proposal of the G.G.S.R. "ELEFTHO" program is introduced and approved.

The certification of specialized services provision laboratories has already been made an itinerary and constitutes the second axis of action in the developmental policy of N.S.C.R. "D" in the coming years.

Pioneering ideas that are born in the Centre and correspond to the needs of the industry, constitute the base for the creation of spin off companies. Up to today, 30 proposals have already passed from the PRAXE A phase, while the possibilities of participating in PRAXE B are examined.


Published January 12, 2009

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