Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co

Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. was founded in 1895 as an independent subsidiary of Robert Ingham Clark and  Felix Mankiewicz, an English paint factory.  Its original function was to market, then later  manufacture, enamels for coaches using English formulations.

In 1930 the company was purchased by Ottmar J. Grau, a paints and enamels manufacturer,  and since the 1980s the company has been managed by Michael Ottmar Grau. Over one hundred years of  innovation have made  Mankiewicz a recognised world wide manufacturer and supplier of high-quality coatings.

Today, Mankiewicz employs over 600 staff all involved in the concept of delivering "Coating Concepts of the Future".  New systems ensure the continuing success of the company in enhancing the value of consumer and capital goods.
A wide range of coating systems, colours and varying degrees of gloss and texture can be tailor made to each customers individual needs and requirements. 

Mankiewicz is now, not only a supplier of innovative coatings for consumer and capital goods, it is also a successful manufacturer and supplier of railway, yachting, automotive and aerospace coatings.

The company excels in aircraft coatings, supplying systems for interiors, exteriors and structural parts and has enjoyed many successful years supplying to companies including Airbus, Boeing and other OEMs.
In aircraft construction, Mankiewicz recognise the importance of paint quality for maximum safety and comfort of passengers. The surfaces need to withstand everyday wear and tear whilst  adhering to strict technical safety specifications.

For aircraft interiors, Mankiewicz have been preferred supplier of FST-Coatings (FST = Fire Smoke Toxicity) for many decades. These products have specific safety related technical properties.

For aircraft structural parts, the company works closely with Airbus suppliers in Germany and Europe. Here the requirement is for safe materials with enduring protection against corrosion.  Maximum protection is essential as these parts are exposed to extremely aggressive elements and difficult to access once the aircraft is complete.

For aircraft exteriors, Mankiewicz coatings are applied with environmentally friendly  high-solid systems at OEMs', maintenance centres and airlines'. High-quality exterior paintwork is not only an important factor in airline branding, it also has major economic significance.

Customers are offered a choice of both conventional coating systems or environmentally friendly systems such as  low-VOC and water-dilutable products.

Published December 12, 2008

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