Chemetall is a global company committed to specialty chemistry. The Group activities focus on products and processes for the chemical treatment of metal surfaces and plastics, as well as selected fields of fine chemistry, e.g. lithium and cesium compounds.

Chemetall GmbH is headquartered - including the central research and development laboratories – in Frankfurt am Main. It is the centre of a worldwide network of 40 subsidiaries with more than 30 manufacturing sites worldwide. The international Chemetall Group and its approx. 2500 employees recorded sales of 718 million € in the business year 2006. Since August 1st, 2004, Chemetall has been part of the US-American Rockwood Specialties Group, Inc.

The company's product portfolio is based on continuous research and development of leading edge technologies. The Surface Treatment division develops, produces, sells and services chemical products and processes designed to ensure corrosion protection, paint adhesion or formability of the treated substrates.

Typical products for pre-treatment would be cleaners, pickling / deoxidizing agents, final rinse seal and conversion coatings like Zinc-, Manganese-, Iron-phosphates, Chromates, Chrome-free coatings e.g. based on Titanium / Zirconium, SAM, or on Silanes; different types of lubricants and coolants for cold forming and machining; Thin Organic Coatings and special primers like UV- or thermally curing weldable corrosion protection primers for coil applications.

Most of the products and process steps are water-based. Chemetall is doing business with industries like automotive and aerospace, coldforming, Steel and Aluminium mills, coil coating, appliances, containers and many others.

A group of young chemists as well as very experienced surface treatment specialists are working in our “Global Technology” laboratories in Frankfurt on several R&D projects to develop new disruptive technologies. They are supported by specialists in other laboratories e.g. for industrial application, painting, testing and analytics.

Published December 17, 2008

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