Bayer Technology Services GmbH

Bayer Technology Services GmbH, a Bayer AG company, is a capable supplier of technology solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with close ties to operators. Our first-class network of experts draws on the decades-long experience of a global corporation and holistic expertise along the entire life cycle to develop, implement and optimize plants and processes. Trust, team spirit, quality and pragmatism characterize our attitude toward our customers and our work, laying the groundwork for trustful, long-lasting and successful partnerships.

Our pilot plant areas include several units for the production, treatment and formulation of your products, ranging from just a few kilograms for smaller and sample quantities up to several tons for job order production.

We offer chemical, mechanical and thermal process engineering services. We develop individual solutions for your product regardless whether a single process step or a combination of unit operations is needed. You send your product as a raw material and we supply the final product according to your requirements and specifications. We operate our pilot plants around the clock for you.

Some services we offer are:

  • reaction engineering
  • crystallization and precipitation
  • mixing and dispersing technology
  • distillation, rectification
  • extraction, membrane technology
  • chromatography
  • solid-liquid separation
  • drying technology, granulation
  • crushing, agglomeration, coatings

In addition to job order production in the narrower sense, i.e. production according to your specifications, our experts can prepare a variety of proposals for an optimal production process or develop a specific formulation that meets your needs.


Published January 22, 2009

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission