SINTEF Materials and Chemistry is the main performer in this project. Personnel: Terje Tofteberg (PhD student), Erik Andreassen, Rune H. Gaarder, Mariusz Blochowiak, Helene Amedro and Einar L. Hinrichsen.

These are our main collaborations:

Micro-optics applications

  • In this field we collaborate with SINTEF ICT, which develops diffractive optical elements (DOEs), and holds patents in this field. Main contacts: Odd Løvhaugen, Ib-Rune Johansen and Kay Gastinger
  • We are also involved in a benchmark project within the European network NEMO.
  • Regarding commercial applications, we have made and characterised test DOEs for Tomra and OptoSense. We have also assisted OptoSense in the development and fabrication of new DOE concepts.

Microfluidics applications (lab-on-a-chip etc)

  • In this field we collaborate with SINTEF ICT's  MiNaLab. Main contacts: Liv Furuberg, Michal Mielnik and Morten Borch.
  • We have made test chips for NorChip.


  • We have a fruitful dialogue with the injection moulding machine manufacturer Battenfeld, which has leading competence on injection moulding of micro parts and micro-featured parts.
  • Our variotherm mould and some mould inserts were made by the Austrian company  z-microsystems, and we have received interesting input from this collaboration. 
  • The workshop at SINTEF is an important resource for our project.

Polymer materials and nano particles

  •  We are in contact with several producers of polymer materials and nanoparticles, and together we seek to reduce the thermal expansion of the materials while retaining the replication performance.


  • In 2007 we contributed to the planning of an international summer scool for PhD students, held in Estonia, and gave lectures on injection moulding of micro- and nanostructures. The main organiser was Sami Franssila at Helsinki University of Technology.


Published April 21, 2008