MATESA - Advanced Materials and Electric Swing Adsorption Process for CO2 Capture


The objective of MATESA is to make a "proof of concept" of an adsorption technique termed Electric Swing Adsorption (ESA) as a new-generation high-efficiency post-combustion CO2 capture process.

The energy consumption target is a thermal energy consumption of 2.5 GJ/(thermal)/ ton CO2 avoided in ASC applications and  3.0 GJ(thermal)/ ton CO2 avoided in NGCC applications (the difference is related to the CO2 content in the exhaust gases). Other specifications of the process are that CO2 purity should be higher than 95% and capture rate > 90%.

The overall performance will be optimized by Life Cycle Assessment to ensure reduced environmental impact of CCS.

Published September 20, 2013