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Quality control of a CAD model

The quality of CAD models are highly varying depending on the originating CAD system and the maner in which the CAD system facilities is employed. The structuring of a model into surface patches is often defined more from the modeling history than the actual shape of the object. Furthermore, translation of the model from the proprietary format to a standard exchange format like STEP or IGES can produce errors in the model representation.

A number of standards for CAD qualities exist. The following is a subset of quality tests fetched from these standards:

  • Short curves and edges
  • Small surfaces and faces
  • Sliver faces
  • Gaps between faces
  • Non-smooth models
  • Edges and vertices too distant from the corresponding face
  • Acute faces and edges
  • Embedded curves and surfaces
  • Self intersections
  • Degenerate surface boundaries
  • Small curvature radius
  • Folded surfaces, oscillations
  • Bad knot distribution

Published November 17, 2009