The IntER-Cold – interdisciplinary long-term education and research platform for Master students and young researchers with focus on cold chain development between Japan and Norway. Norway and Japan are countries with a highly developed fish processing industry and a deep knowledge, practice and technology in cold chain.

Japan has a high share of fish import, while Norway is oriented on fish export. Norway had direct exports of over 114,000 tonnes of seafood to Japan in 2017, with a value of NOK 4 billion. This made Japan the largest Asian market for Norwegian seafood exports. For example, the share of mackerel export from Norway to Japan reached 34 % in 2018. The Japanese market has much higher potential for further growth for Norwegian seafood. At the same time, the high competition on the global market and other players like USA, Russia, China, Scotland and Canada requires urgent measures for further development and increased sustainability and efficiency of the cold-chain between Norway and Japan.

IntER-Cold consortium suggests solution of cold-chain challenges using interdisciplinary approach. This measure requires the creation of internationally recognized educational and research platform in Norway and Japan, which will elaborate and disseminate the new achievements and trends in processing, machinery, seafood quality, biochemistry and logistics in the cold chain. The important element of the proposed platform is establishing of a solid collaboration between fish processing industry, research and educational institutes in Norway and Japan, which will ensure the sustainability of the project. It will put Norwegian education on another advanced level, when the educated specialist will have advanced skill and knowledge comparing with single discipline. IntER-Cold will utilize the infrastructure and network of Centre for an Energy Efficient and Competitive Industry for the Future (HighEFF) – FME scheme. This requires allocation of resources and financing for establishing new education modules, seminars, workshops for knowledge exchange and mobility of student and research staff.