Travel info

Geilo is a small village approximately halfway between Oslo and Bergen in Norway. The recommended way to get to Geilo is to fly to Oslo Gardermoen Airport and take the train from there. You must make your own travel arrangements, and we recommend use of the travel planner at the NSB website.

Weather conditions

The weather in Geilo in January can be cold, with a normal temperature of -8 degrees C, and it can reach down towards -20 degrees C on single days. Being located so far north, there is also limited daylight in Geilo. Please factor this in when you prepare for the winter school by bringing sufficiently warm clothes.

  • - National weather service online
  • - Information about ski slopes and snow depths

Travelling to the Winter School

The first introductory lecture starts on Sunday afternoon at 16:30, so make sure that you can catch the morning or day trains from Oslo/Bergen. The school ends 14:00 on Friday, which leaves you with plenty of time to catch a train back to Oslo/Bergen. If you need to spend an extra night because of an early/late flight, we suggest that you book a room in Oslo/Bergen. The train station is located about 400 meters from Dr. Holms hotel.

 From Oslo
Arrival: From: Oslo S, Sunday 12:03 To: Geilo, Sunday 15:38
Departure: From: Geilo, Friday 15:18 To: Oslo S, Friday 19:07


 From Bergen
Arrival: From: Bergen, Sunday 11:59 To: Geilo, Sunday 15:16
Departure: From: Geilo, Friday 15:41 To: Bergen, Friday 18:55

* The train schedules are for the recommended trains. To purchase tickets, please check the NSB website