2024: Graphs and Applications

The 24th edition of the Geilo Winter School will take place in Geilo, Norway from Sunday January 21 to Friday January 26, 2024. The topic of the school will be graphs and applications.


Details coming! The 2024 program will be focused on graphs, with our habitual focus on application and usefulness. Graphs are applied in a wide variety of contexts, and we hope to show you several applications in which they are a useful modeling tool as well as provide many insights into how and for what they are best used.


All lectures will take place at Dr. Holms Hotel in Geilo, Norway. Participants will receive more information by email. Exact times will also appear in the following schedule once the program is completely finalized.

Booking a train/checking the train schedule is done through Vy. The hotel is a walkable distance from the train station in Geilo.

You can subscribe to the above calendar by using this link.


Fredrik Manne

Fredrik Manne is a professor at the Department of Informatics, University of Bergen. He is a member of the Algorithms group specializing in designing parallel algorithms for problems motivated from combinatorial scientific computing. This includes problems such as matching, coloring, and other fundamental issues on graphs. A recent field of interest is the use of graph neural networks to solve combinatorial problems on graphs.

Benjamin Ricaud

Benjamin Ricaud is associate professor at the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. He is a member of the machine learning group at UiT. His research topics are related to machine learning, graphs and graph machine learning. Prior to arriving in Norway two years ago, he was a researcher at EPFL, Switzerland, where he contributed to developing graph signal processing and graph machine learning.

Raghavendra Selvan

Raghavendra Selvan (Raghav) is currently an Assistant Professor at Machine Learning (ML) Section, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He is also affiliated with Department of Neuroscience and the Data Science Laboratory. His current research interests are broadly pertaining Resource Efficient ML, Medical Image Analysis with ML, and Graph Neural Networks. Of late, another overarching theme of his research interests lie at the intersection of sustainability and ML where he is interested in investigating sustainability with ML, and also the sustainability of ML.

Mridul Seth

Mridul Seth is a core developer of NetworkX and currently working on the project funded through a grant (EOSS) from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. He is also collaborating with folks from the Scientific Python project and Anaconda to help develop and maintain the broader Scientific Open Source ecosystem. To share his love of Python and Network Science, he has presented workshops at multiple conferences like PyCon, (Euro)SciPy, PyData London and many more!

Important Information

See the About page for general information about the winter school.

Costs and registration

There is no registration fee for the winter school, but participants must cover their own travel costs and hotel costs at Dr. Holms. To register, please fill out this form.

Room allocation

The winter school has a limited number of rooms at Dr. Holms which will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. We have in previous years exceeded our room allocation, so please register as early as possible!


We welcome all posters to be presented, and will make space in the program for a poster session in which participants can present their work to colleagues and others. The aim of the session is to make new contacts and share your research, and it is an informal event. You need to indicate in your registration if you want to present a poster during the poster session. Please limit your poster to A0 in portrait orientation.

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee


The organizing committee for the Geilo Winter School consists of

  • Torkel Andreas Haufmann, Research Manager (Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics, SINTEF). 
  • Øystein Klemetsdal, Research Scientist (Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics, SINTEF).
  • Filippo Remonato, Research Scientist (Department of Mathematics and Cybernetics, SINTEF).

To get in touch with the committee, send an email .