Overall aims and objectives of the project

The proposed project has three main objectives:

  • Demonstrate autothermal pressurized operation of gas switching reforming (GSR), water splitting (GSWS) and oxygen production (GSOP) in an existing lab-scale reactor.
  • Demonstrate autothermal operation of a lab-scale cluster of pressurized gas switching combustion (GSC) reactors.
  • Conduct techno-economic assessments for promising CO2 capture process configurations utilizing the gas switching technologies mentioned above.

In achieving these objectives, the GaSTech consortium aims to build an attractive business case for further scale-up (from TRL 4 to TRL 6) of at least one of the gas switching process concepts proposed in this project. This business case must include successful experimental demonstration of the concept, attractive economics relative to competing processes, and quantification of the scale-up advantages of gas switching relative to chemical looping. In anticipation of a successful outcome, an industrial partner and demonstration site have already been identified for a subsequent scale-up project.