Project description

Objectives of the  FoXy project are:

  • Development of  cleaning and crystallisation processes for metallurgical SoG-Si feedstock
  • Optimisation of associated solar cell and module processes
  • Setting parameters for these types of feedstock.

By developing a close partnership along the whole value chain from feedstock to module production, a foundation is created for new investments in SoG-Si feedstock production and subsequent commercial use of the material produced.

Photo: Courtesy of NASA

Contact address:

Aud Wærnes
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
N-7465 Trondheim



  • Contract no.: 019811(SES6)
  • Project co-ordinator: SINTEF Materials and Chemistry (NO)
  • 11 Partners
  • Project start date: 2006.01.01
  • Duration 36 months

Full Project Title

Development of solar-grade silicon feedstock for crystalline wafers and cells by purification and crystallisation (FoXy)

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