FASTCARD - FAST industrialisation by CAtalysts Research and Development

Interview: José Guillermo Riviera de la Cruz

José Guillermo Riviera de la Cruz,
Ghent University. 
PhD student working on the study "A multi-scale modelling platform applied towards FTS on the Fe catalyst". The study is carried out within the FASTCARD work package WP2 "CO2 FTS".

Supervisors: Dr. Guy B. Marin and Dr. Marie-Francoise Reyniers

How does your study relate to the aims of FASTCARD?
- In the controlled design of catalysts from first principles.

Please explain your approach and the methods and tools you use to obtain your goals.
- Using DFT calculations catalytic surfaces will be modeled in order to find a set of optimal conditions that allows us to fully describe FTS. Tools used: Supercomputer lab.

What research challenge are you currently focusing on?
- Validating model with experimental information available.

Please explain how you are working with this task/topic/challenge
- In collaboration with the colleagues of WP 2 a set of experiments has been planned in order to get as much information as possible.


Published April 10, 2015

This project has received funding from the European Union's FP7 research and Innovation programme under GA. No. 604277