FASTCARD - FAST industrialisation by CAtalysts Research and Development


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (French National Center for Scientific Research) is a public organization for scientific and technological research and is under the authority of the French Ministry for Research. The CNRS is the largest fundamental research organization in Europe (>25 000 comprising more than 10 000 research scientists). It is also an important breeding ground for scientific and technological innovation. IRCELYON (Research Institute for Catalysis and Environment of Lyon) is a Joint Research Unit CNRS-Université Claude Bernard and is among the largest French joint laboratory of CNRS and University entirely devoted to catalysis. The "Engineering and process intensification" (ENG) team (about 30 persons) in charge of this project has already gained a large experience in fossil- and bio-fuel processing including gas and liquid upgrading. ENG is involved both in the combined development of new catalysts and reactors. This integrated approach is carried out by means of mechanistic and modelling studies supported by transient techniques using labelled reactants, in situ DRIFT/Raman/Mossbauer spectroscopies, thermogravimetry/microcalorimetry analysis, all main characterization techniques of solids (XPS, XRD, NMR,..) , and advanced on-line analysis of complex petrochemical liquids and waxes. The laboratory benefits also of cutting-edge equipments available on the campus such as the most powerful NMR (1GHz) and environmental high resolution TEM (300kV) in the world. In addition, the combinatorial and high throughput methodology is routinely applied for the optimisation of existing materials and the establishment of structure-activity relationship by data mining software. Current research topics deal with energy and chemical productions from alternative/sustainable feedstocks by efficient separation and catalytic processes.

Published November 26, 2014

This project has received funding from the European Union's FP7 research and Innovation programme under GA. No. 604277