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Biomass Technology Group

BTG Biomass Technology Group BV is a private company (SME) of consultants, researchers and engineers specialised in the sustainable energy production from biomass and waste. The company has a staff of approx. 35 people. Started in 1979 as specialists on R&D, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of gasifiers systems, BTG's expertise covers a broad variety of thermal energy conversion technologies (pyrolysis, hydrotreating, gasification, supercritical gasification, torrefaction, combustion, liquefaction, carbonisation), and has extensive experience and a strong involvement in European bio-energy R&D programs, in particular related to biomass pyrolysis, oil hydrogenation and gasification RD&D. The BTG lab is well suited to undertake all necessary activities pertaining to thermal conversion of biomass. Among its facilities are:

  • 0.5 kg/h and a 5 kg/h lab scale units, a 250 kg/h pilot scale pyrolysis equipment (for flash pyrolysis)
  • Two bio-oil hydrotreating units (fixed beds, 100 ml and 2 L volume, respectively
  • Two supercritical gasification units (tubular bed reactors, volume from 200 ml to 3 L)
  • PDU scale bio-oil combustion and gasification equipment (flame tunnel, diesel engine) and
  • Laboratory analysis equipment for biomass and pyrolysis oil characterisation.

Published November 26, 2014

This project has received funding from the European Union's FP7 research and Innovation programme under GA. No. 604277