We congratulate all the winners of our second Open Innovation Competition. All the winners will be awarded a grant of 75 000 Euro to develop market and technical feasibility studies for use cases for DIY4U beyond the original project. These additional studies will enhance and extend the DIY4U concept, indicating how the general DIY4U concept, the digital platform and the manufacturing demonstration facilities (fablabs) can be exploited in FMCG areas outside of the first application into laundry detergents.

PETE - Personalised food for your pet, delivered by an ecofriendly small scale factory

Dervis Ltd, Bulgaria


PETE is a friendly small scale factory that produces on-demand personalised food for pets. While the current DIY4U scenario is focusing on detergents, we propose to build a new use case using the same technical and process oriented infrastructure, but change the production focus towards the creation of customised food for a very large variety of pets. Pet food is found in the form of granules, powder, liquid or in mixed form. With the capabilities of the DIY4U software and hardware platforms and few additional changes, the existing technology structure can be easily adapted to serve a new purpose. This use case will allow pet owners to order and collect the favourite bulk food for their pets, test an unlimited number of new combinations, add vitamins, test and control the allergens, add flavours and benefit from the reusing of packaging.

Customised foundation with DIY4U, a desktop study with a direct to consumer brand

Ellure AB, Sweden


This project will focus on the customization of cosmetic foundation. Ellure is a Stockholm based beauty brand that currently offers custom-made liquid lipstick direct to consumers at www.ellure.se. Based on our interaction with consumers, we had early indications that consumers are interested in customised foundations. We are very interested to further understand these customer insights through a desktop feasibility study and understand better how the DIY4U platform could further the manufacturing of such products. We believe that the DIY4U platform has prominent potential to bring the customization to a formulation level and create products that are truly customised at scale.

Personalized Facial Creams Backed by Science

Kosmetikos tyrimu centras UAB, Lithuania


Almost everyone of us has, at some point, purchased products we did not use as it did not match our expectations in terms of sensory, finish, performance, color, fragrance or other reason. Such purchases are very unsustainable. Out project will propose a platform that would enable a customer to create their own personalised product and hence contribute to sustainability. End user will “produce” his own product with a few clicks and will get their own product practically instantly.

CRL4U - A box of healthy cereals and dried fruits customised for your breakfast.

Wherefor Kft., Hungary


We are proposing to adapt the DIY4U software and hardware to the creation, distribution and sale of customised cereals - an important division of food industry products. This will allow consumers to customise their breakfast cereals with a large variety of grains, nuts, seeds, treats, fruits, flavours and receive them in eco friendly or refillable packaging. Based on the existing concept of DIY4U, combined with a meticulous study and product development from our company, will create a new use case that will prove to be financially viable, environmentally friendly, and loved by the end customers.