Venue and contact info

The symposium will take place in Trondheim, Norway, at the premises of SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Trondheim lies close to the Polar circle and around Mid-summer (June 23rd) it never gets dark, even at night! More information about the city, SINTEF and NTNU can be found at, and

Comfort hotel Trondheim

NTNU Realfagbygget, Photo: © Jørn Adde, Trondheim

Comfort Hotel Trondheim

Trondheim Airport (Værnes) is about 25 minutes (by airport bus or taxi) from the city centre.

Organising committee: Contact information:
Anders Ødegård, SINTEF, Norway
Steffen Møller-Holst, SINTEF, Norway
George Tsotridis, European Commission, DG JRC-IE
Ludwig Jörissen, ZSW, Germany
Angelo Moreno, ENEA, Italy
Anders Ødegård
Phone:  +47 9435 6595
Fax:  +47 7359 1105

Georgios Tsotridis
Phone:  + 31 22456 5122


Published June 23, 2008

Photo: © Trondheim kommune