The main objective of DemoCLOCK is to demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of implementing packed bed Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) in large-scale power plants. A medium sized (500 kW) fixed bed reactor will be designed, built and operated in integration with an existing IGCC power plant. The packed bed CLC will be used to convert gasified solid hydrocarbons (syngas) to energy at high temperature and pressure. The use of this energy is not the focus of this demonstration unit. In this way, the packed bed reactor technology opens up the possibility of using multiple fuels (e.g. coal, petcoke and biomass).

The potential of this technology will be demonstrated through the following main topics

  • Demonstrate a medium sized packed bed CLC reactor
  • Technological implementation and integration of the process
  • Reactor design for medium and large scale
  • Selection of suitable minerals as oxygen carrier materials
  • Environmental impact assessment and waste management
  • Commercialization of the technology

Strategic aims

  • The project aims to demonstrate a new generation of power production plants with a reduced energy penalty for CO2 avoidance in a cost effective way, as compared to currently available technologies.
  • The project aims to modify the current energy generation system to make it more sustainable and less dependent on imported fuels. This will help to address pressing challenges of security of supply and climate change, while increasing European industrial competitiveness.

Published May 13, 2011