Testing and validation of CARE-S prototype

The Sewer Network Rehab manager (simulator prototype) was tested for 14 real cases. The pro-active approach, as suggested by the system, was valued against re-active approaches. The test cases reflect different European conditions, including geographical location, size and wastewater management organisation.

The testing was carried out in three steps:
1. Identification of current state-of-the the art
2. Studies of programmes and methods for failure forecasting and network service reliability
3. Testing, including test evaluation, of the full prototype

The first step and parts of step 2 was carried out for all 14 cities. Step 3 was carried out by a limited number of cities, yet a sufficient number to check local system diversity and geographic distribution. A synthesis of case studies was extracted, to support further business development and implementation of the CARE-S simulator in later projects. The synthesis comprised a critical view of the tools and methods and also included sensitivity and feasibility analyses.

Published January 14, 2008

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