Multi-criteria rehab decision support

Decision support is needed on three levels.

First on the project level, tools should support the choice of the right rehabilitation technology under specific local circumstances, which is not just the technique with the lowest cost.

Second, for annual rehabilitation programmes, the selection of the most cost-effective projects should be supported by a systematic prioritisation tool.

Third, for medium-term rehabilitation programmes, before they are set up, a systematic exploration of alternatives should be supported by a tool forecasting their consequences in the medium and long run.

These are rather complex decisions where various factors are to be considered on different scales and dimensions, such as the frequency and risk of failures, network reliability, features of rehabilitation technologies and their durability, diverse costs and potential cost savings, e.g. by co-ordination with other public works, as well as political targets for specific areas.

CARE-S included routines for modelling such scenarios in the general decision support system.

Published January 14, 2008

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