EU FP7, Byefouling - Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is one of the centres of research, knowledge and innovation in UK. University has around 1300 leading researchers, 30000 students and 4700 of staff with annual turnover of around 130 million pounds. The Chemistry Department of the university is the largest department ranked No. 4 among all Chemistry Departments in UK. Chemistry Department is internationally known for its research in fields such as materials chemistry, surface chemistry and nanosciences. UOL will contribute to the project from the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, group of Prof. Dr. Dmitry Shchukin. The expertise of the group of Prof. Shchukin is the layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes, encapsulation of active materials, and investigation of the release characteristics and modification of the surface of nanoparticles to adjust desired hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties, functional properties and make the surface of the particles sensitive to the pH-changes of the environment, mechanic force, and presence of the gases in the local environment. Particular experience includes the fabrication of polymer-modified materials with nonaqueous dispersibility employing ultrasonic emulsification technique. Equipment: Confocal fluorescent microscope; high resolution SEM; TEM; scanning force microscopes; scanning tunneling microscope; single particle light scattering spectrometer; confocal Raman spectrometer and microscope; nonlinear optical spectrometer; rapid Scan FTIR-spectrometer; analytic and preparative ultracentrifuge; small- and wide angle X-ray scattering, various electrochemical equipment.

Full name of the organization: Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, University of Liverpool.
Short name of the organization: UOL
Address: Chadwick Building, Peach Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZF UK
Telephone: +44-151-7952304
E-mail address:
Contact person: Prof. Dmitry Shchukin
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Published March 12, 2014