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Smallmatek - Small Materials and Technologies, Lda.
Smallmatek (SMT) is a Portuguese start-up company generated from the University of Aveiro and created in 2010.

The company main activities are related to corrosion monitoring of metallic substrates and coating development based on innovative technologies, namely controlled release of active species from micro and nanocontainers. Additionally, SMT is involved in the environmental monitoring of new micro and nanomaterials, particularly its toxicity to the organisms. SMT is intended to be an effective provider of know-how to national and international industrial players to generate high-value products, thereby fostering the growth of economical activity in specific branches of the market (corrosion and coating technology).


  Expertise of SMT includes corrosion science and engineering, coating development for protective purposes, synthesis of smart nanomaterials, and assessment of their environmental impact and ecotoxicity.


SMT will contribute with expertise on the development of nanocontainers capable of delivering corrosion inhibitors, biocides and antifoulants on demand (WP3), and scaling up the production of these nanomaterials (WP6). Compatibility between nanomaterials and coatings will be investigated in detail. The interaction between nanocontainers and coating matrix will be optimized through application of mechanical methodologies (high shear mixing), as well as physical and chemical modification of the nanocontainers. Ecotoxicity studies will be performed for the nanocontainers produced by SMT and studies related to biocorrosion also will be carried out (WP4).


Full name of the organization: Smallmatek - Small Materials and Technologies, Lda 

Short name of the organization: SMT

Address: Rua dos Canhas, Aveiro, 3810-075 Aveiro, Portugal

Lat: 40.629645 Long: -8.64204

Telephone: +351 234 024 781

E-mail address:  

Contact person: João Tedim

Website adress: Smallmatek



Published May 28, 2014