Software development is challenging, due to increasing demands, the complexity of problems and the scale of work addressed by software. There are challenges with cost overruns, late completions and outright project failures. Norwegian software companies face fierce international competition, and have a constant need to develop their competitive advantage. One of the most important competitive advantages for software companies is their ability to organize software development effectively and efficiently.

Although many software companies in Norway already have benefited greatly from agile methods, there are still important challenges to be addressed:

  • Distributed agile: Software companies are increasingly establishing distributed development projects in order to utilize resources and knowledge. Such projects often suffer from poor performance due to the coordination and communication overhead. We need to establish knowledge about how agile practices should be adapted for distributed development.
  • Large-scale agile: An international survey on agile adoption shows that agile practice has primarily been successful in small teams. Although there is some general advice based on practice, we need new knowledge about what enables a successful blend of methodology in large development projects.

Project results are reported in the Current Research Information System in Norway.

Research partners

Project leader: Torgeir Dingsøyr