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Crystalline silicon is the dominant material used in solar cells and crystalline Si solar cell technology will continue to play a dominating role for at least one decade. At the same time, in order to reduce cost of Si based PV, it is necessary to develop advanced cost-effective technologies as well as innovative Si based solar cell structures, which will consume less silicon and other related materials. This strategy will allow Si based PV to compete with the other types of solar cells in the longer than one decade perspective.

This strategy is the main scope of the conference, which will be focused on an analysis of the advanced concepts for the Si based PV. The core of the conference is the analysis of a progress, which has been achieved in frame of currently running EU projects Hypersol, ThinSi, nanoPV and R2M-Si, which are developing a number of advanced concepts for Si based PV. Moreover, this conference will provide a platform for discussions beyond currently running development to build strategic collaborations and plans for further activities in the PV field under the discussion. 

Jesper Friis
Alexander Ulyashin
Åse Hugdahl
Tanja Pettersen

Published January 23, 2012

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