Photo: with permission from OMV

If you would like to receive a copy of any of the presentations, please contact

  • Maria Georgiadou, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation
  • Olivier Touzalin, AXENS
  • Tijs Lammens, BTG
  • Adrian O'Connell, JRC, Joint Research Centre
  • Kjetil Hauge & Richard Allen, Equinor ASA
  • Stefano Chiaberge & Gianluca Fiori , ENI Spa
  • Wolfgang Vollnhofer, OMV
  • Daniel Szeezil, Honeywell UOP
  • Julie Katerine Rodriguez, Steeper Advanced Biofuel Centre
  • Jack Saddler & Jianping Su, University of British Columbia/IEA

Joint European Workshop Organised by project consortia: