E4tech is an international strategic consultancy focused on sustainable energy. Since 1997 we have worked with companies, governments, and investors to help them understand the global opportunities and challenges of clean energy.

We have built a strong track record in providing objective and strategic business and policy advice backed up by sound technical knowledge. We support our clients on issues such as strategy development and business planning, policy analysis and development, market and competitor analysis, and due diligence. We underpin this with detailed modelling and assessment work, including techno-economic analyses of energy systems, greenhouse gas and sustainability assessments, and supply chain and primary resource evaluation.

In the 4Refinery project, E4tech plays a commercial role exploring the business case for co-processing. Tasks include technology readiness, technology innovation needs, and techno-economic assessment; market analysis, to understand co-processing market dynamics, drivers and barriers; value chain assessment, to determine potential production and economic viability; and developing a risk assessment tool, that will aid future co-processing project development.