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Ole Christian Bendixen

Senior Business Developer

Ole Christian Bendixen

Senior Business Developer

Ole Christian Bendixen
Phone: 930 59 330
Department: Management and Staff
Office: Oslo

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A Usability Study of a Mobile Monitoring System for Congestive Heart Failure Patients

Sensor-based monitoring of congestive heart-failure (CHF) patients living at home can improve quality of care, detect exacerbations of disease at an earlier stage and motivate the patient for better self care. This paper reports on a usability study of the ESUMS system that provides continuous measu...

Authors Svagård Ingrid Storruste Austad Hanne Opsahl Seeberg Trine Margrethe Vedum Jon Liverud Anders Erik Mathisen Bjørn Magnus Bendixen Ole Christian Keller Barbara Osborne Phyllis Strisland Frode
Year 2014
Type Part of a book/report

ESUMS: A mobile system for continuous home monitoring of rehabilitation patients

The pressure on the healthcare services is building up for several reasons. The ageing population trend, the increase in life-style related disease prevalence, as well as the increased treatment capabilities with associated general expectation all add pressure. The use of ambient healthcare technolo...

Authors Strisland Frode Svagård Ingrid Storruste Seeberg Trine Margrethe Mathisen Bjørn Magnus Vedum Jon Austad Hanne Opsahl Liverud Anders Erik Kofod-Petersen Anders Bendixen Ole Christian
Year 2013
Type Journal publication

Continuous, Ambulatory Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs for Improved Life Quality

Sensor systems for home vital signs monitoring are mainly focused on discrete point measurements (weight, blood glucose, short period ECG trace), during which time the patient is constrained to be at rest next to the monitoring station.  However, several user groups would benefit from continuous rem...

Authors Strisland Frode Ausen Dag Svagård Ingrid Storruste Bendixen Ole Christian
Year 2008
Type Conference lecture and academic presentation
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