Til hovedinnhold

In a lecture held on Thursday, September 20th at the Gløshaugen campus in Trondheim,
Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen explained the present state-of-the-art, scope and applicability range of Direct Numerical Simulation, a computationally intensive but very accurate simulation method, and reported some of the latest results.

Jacqueline H. Chen from the Combustion Research Facility, a state-of-the-art fundamental research site affiliated to Sandia National Laboratories and based in Livermore, California, visited SINTEF Energy Research in Trondheim between September 18th and 21st.

Chen, a top scientist in the field of turbulent combustion and member of the Board of Directors at The Combustion Institute, is a Distinguished Member of the technical staff in the Reacting Flow Research Group at the Combustion Research Facility. She is addressing, in a research effort that makes use of tera-scale computations, several of the most challenging issues related to combustion phenomena in gas turbines and internal combustion engines, as prediction of autoignition and pollutants formation, focusing on the understanding of turbulence-chemistry interaction for gaseous and liquid fuels and of preferential diffusion effects in hydrogen rich mixtures.

The present visit has to be seen in the context of a long lasting collaboration between SINTEF Energy Research and the Combustion Research Facility, started already in the early 1990s.

Photo: Mette K. Høiseth