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WBS 2012 - Western Barents Sea Study

WBS 2012 - Western Barents Sea Study

SINTEF Petroleum Research has accomplished a petroleum systems modeling study that focus on the evaluation and uncertainity analysis of selected Mesozoic play types in the  western Barents Sea.

Mesozoic play types: evaluation and uncertainty

The study covers the area from 70° to 74° N and from 16° 20' to 22° E. This project is available for purchase and comprises a project report and a Petrel model project bundling all model input and result data.

The final Petrel model specifically contains basin modelling results on

  • Palaeo-bathymetry reconstructions
  • Erosion and burial histories
  • Thermal (heat flow) histories
  • Overpressure histories
  • Source rock properties and volumes
  • Maturation, expulsion and secondary migration histories
  • Stochastic considerations of the secondary migration histories

In contrast to the Integrated Barents Sea Study of 2005 and the Basin Modelling Upgrade of 2008 the present study:

  • focus on a smaller region but make use of newly generated and more detailed depth maps,
  • is based on a much more detailed fault model,
  • includes pressure modelling,
  • concentrate on petroleum migration into selected Mesozoic play types, and

assess uncertainties of the petroleum systems modelling using Monte-Carlo-type sensitivity analysis.

In addition, separate Cretaceous source rock model results can be purchased by customers of the study.

Publisert mandag 27. mai 2013
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01.03.2012 - 31.12.2012


  • AGR Petroleum Services (assisted by APT)
  • Fugro Geolab Nor
  • Geotrack International