Norway is at the brink of a significant wind energy development with an official target of increasing the annual wind energy production to 3 TWh within 2010. Industrial initiatives have also been taken; most notably by ScanWind and Umoe Ryving. The aim of this project is to support the development trough a strengthening of the Norwegian wind energy competence. The project will fund 5 PhD studies carried out at NTNU together with research at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), SINTEF Energy Research (SEfAS) and SINTEF Applied Mathematics (SIMa). The works to be undertaken are organized in four tasks including potentially 7 PhD studies of which 5 will be funded through this programme, whereas alternative funding will be sought for the 2 others:

  • Assessment of micro-scale flow through one PhD study and research at IFE and SIMa.
  • Aero and structural dynamic studies through three PhD studies and research at IFE, including active involvement in IEA Annex XX: “HAWT Aerodynamics and Models from Wind Tunnel Measurements”.
  • Assessment of wind farm models and control systems through one PhD study and research at SEfAS, including active involvement in IEA Annex XXI: “Dynamic models of wind farms for power system studies”.
  • Two PhD studies to assess practices related to the physical planning and policy support for wind power.

International cooperation is part of the programme, including in addition to the mentioned IEA works, also mutual visits and participation at international conferences.

Contact: John Olav Giæver Tande , SINTEF Energy Research