About us

The overall objective of WIDER UPTAKE is to co-develop a roadmap for widespread implementation of water smart symbiotic solutions for wastewater reuse and resource recovery, based on the principles of circular economy.

WIDER UPTAKE aims to facilitate industrial symbiosis as a means to increase resource efficiency, limit emissions and develop sustainable business based on water-smart solutions.‚Äč Our hypothesis is that the barriers for wider uptake of water-smart solutions are not only technological but also of organizational, regulatory, social and economic character. WIDER UPTAKE will identify and demonstrate common measures for wider uptake through activities on:

  • Monitoring and control of health and quality risks
  • Circular-economy and efficiency potential
  • Governance and business models for industrial symbiosis
  • Measuring water smartness and progress towards SDG

WIDER UPTAKE includes demonstrations of wastewater reuse for agriculture and urban greening, which also reduces the impact of warming from climate change. WIDER UPTAKE also comprises cases with phosphorus recycling, biogas and biochar utilisation, and production of bio-composites for manufacturing materials with resources recovered from the whole water cycle, which demonstrates the upcycling of the resources from wastewater to marketable products.

WIDER UPTAKE applies the concept of Communities of Practice to facilitate learning and co-development between actors, researchers and other stakeholders within and across the demonstration cases. New network constellations are crucial to increase awareness and maximise the business impact of the project.