Methods and tools for risk and vulnerability analysis (WP2)

In WP2 methods and tools for enhanced power system risk and vulnerability analysis will be developed. The work will focus on assessment of the level of security of supply and risk of unwanted events. This will provide a basis for implementing the indicators and framework in WP1 for different purposes regarding planning and operation of the power system. The proposed activities are:

  • Develop methods for quantification, classification, comparison and evaluation of vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluate different methods and tools to identify critical contingencies with emphasis on extraordinary events, i.e. unwanted events with potentially severe consequences.
  • Develop methods for risk based security assessment to be used in network operation and for planning purposes in a changing power system.
  • Evaluate possibilities for dealing with uncertainties in various parameters.

Published November 17, 2009

Contact: Gerd Kjølle SINTEF