Indicators and framework for monitoring vulnerabilities (WP1)

WP1 will address the need for indicators and methodical framework that can be used to measure, monitor and classify vulnerabilities and thereby enhance the understanding of vulnerabilities in electric power grids, e.g. related to the degree of utilization, degree of backup supply, extreme weather, societal costs of interruptions etc. The proposed activities are:

  • Describe scenarios for a changing power system, enabling the identification of threats, vulnerabilities and risks and the need for analytical tools
  • Identify and analyse causal relations for vulnerabilities with respect to different types of hazards and threats (ageing/ technical condition, exposure to extreme weather conditions, strained power balance etc.)
  • Describe data needed to measure and monitor selected vulnerabilities
  • Create indicators for selected vulnerabilities, to be used in the vulnerability management and for power system planning and operation purposes
  • Identify needs for models and methods to quantify defined indicators.


Published November 17, 2009

Contact: Gerd Kjølle SINTEF