The aim of this project is to build competence and knowledge regarding vulnerabilities related to the changing electric power system, especially due to new requirements and changing operating conditions, and thereby contribute to ensure an appropriate level of security of supply.

  • Indicators and methods to monitor and classify vulnerabilities in electric power grids
  • Methods and operational tools for power system risk and vulnerability analysis


Project Fact-sheet: Monitoring vulnerability in electric power systems


A major blackout

– a small community with less than 3000 inhabitants in Northern Norway – lost its power supply for nearly 6 days in January 2007 due to failures and breakdown of both 66 kV lines supplying Steigen. This event was triggered y heavy storm, and the repair work was delayed by the bad eather. The cost of this event was estimated to 24 million NOK.

– struck the Midwest and Northeast of the United States and the Canadian province Ontario on the 14th of august 2003, affecting 50 million people. Estimated costs of the blackout range between 4 and 10 billion US$. The blackout was caused by a rolling cascade stemming from inadequate response to failures in Ohio.







Contact: Gerd Kjølle SINTEF