Four Matlab-based packages are available for download:
  • cointains version 1.0 of vectfit3 (routine: vectfit3.m). The examples show how to fit scalars, columns and entire matrices, and how to formulate the model in the form of state-space models and pole-residue models.  
  • Matrix Fitting Toolbox contains a complete procedure for multi-port rational modeling from frequency domain data.. It is applicable to both Y-parameter and S-parameter data sets. Rational fitting and passivity enforcement is achieved by two subsequent function calls. The fitting procedure is based on vector fitting (vectfit3.m) while the passivity enforcement is based on perturbation of residue matrix eigenvalues with passivity assessment by half-size test matrices. A routine is avilable for generating netlist for ATP-EMTP.
  • Interfacing with circuit solvers contains matlab scripts which demonstrate how to interface rational function-based models with time domain circuit solvers via a Norton equivalent. The procedure is shown for models representing Y-parameters, Z-parameters, S-parameters, and general transfer functions that do not interact with the circuit.


Published March 20, 2013

In cooperation with:

Bjørn Gustavsen