Research scientists with a technical background and clinicians at the university hospital make up interdisciplinary teams that through research and development create new technologies using ultrasound and image-guided therapy making patient care safer and less invasive. Based on prototype technology and technical and clinical studies, the group has put forward tomorrow's patient treatment. Intraoperative imaging based on ultrasound, CT and MR combined with advances in nano, micro and navigation technology opens up new possibilities in medical care. One of the main activities of the unit is the development and clinical testing of navigation technology. The navigation system can be used with both preoperative and intraoperative images and gives the surgeon a better overview and understanding of the surgical scene.

The unit disseminates its scientific activity through courses to health personnel, publication in scientific papers, conference participations, patents, and student education at various levels as well as numerous contributions to the media.

In summary, the scientific activity since the start in 1995 counts:

  • More than 200 scientific papers in refereed journals
  • More than 400 conference presentations
  • 12 completed PhDs and currently 13 ongoing PhDs in Medical Technology
  • 7 national courses to health personnel and coorganising more than 10 precongress courses for technical and clinical personnel
  • More than 120 media contributions (newspaper, magazine, TV, radio)
  • Several scientific awards (national and international) and patents