Surgeons, engineers and scientists in Trondheim are collaborating closely in a unique way to improve current surgical methods and to develop new techniques for minimally invasive surgery, using ultrasound and image-guided therapy. For patients this mean safer operations and faster recovery.

The unit is staffed by experts from St. Olav's Hospital, NTNU and SINTEF, and works closely together with several other national university hospitals and international collaborators. Thomas Langø coordinates the centre.


HiPerNav training course in Trondheim

October 2017
SINTEF, NTNU and St. Olavs hospital organized a full week course 25-29 September 2017 in the context of the ITN EU project HiPerNav. The course was a training course in technologies related to minimally invasive surgery, focus on liver resection with the laparoscopic technique.

The photo shows the PhDs testing the VR simulators at NSALK ( at St. Olavs hospital during the first day of the course.

See the HiPerNav training course program.

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Documented and confirmed: Scientists in Trondheim are good at 3D ultrasound

August 2017
Scientists at SINTEF, NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital at the Norwegian National Advisory Unit for Ultrasound and Image-guided Therapy has since the 1990-ies been researching the use of 3D ultrasound in various clinical procedures. It has resulted in a number of articles about methods for 3D ultrasound imaging. A review paper published in the October issue of the accredited scientific journal Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology confirms that the Trondheim group is among the foremost in this field.

Ill.: Image to the right: 3D ultrasound of a brain tumour (MR image on top).

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A serious game / web-app for improving medical imaging interpretation skills 

June 2017
has been developed by computer science students from NTNU in collaboration with USIGT. The current application domain is neurosurgery and you will be asked multiple choice questions related to Ultrasound and MR images of the brain, point at key structures in such images and outline the borders of brain tumors. Read more about the MIIP Game here

New dataset available for download

April 2017
The dataset consists of ultrasound and MR images from 23 cases of low-grade glioma (brain tumors). Read more and download here.

 Collaboration with Bergen in navigated flexible endoscopy

April 2017
In 2016 the advisory unit, USIGT, started collaboration with Haukeland University Hospital and Khanh Cong Do Pham. In the project we are studying the advantages using navigation during flexible endoscopy, such as POEM – per oral endoscopic myotomy.

CustusX navigation/visualization during an endoscopic myotomy procedure at Haukeland University Hospital.

Preclinical trail in NAVICAD project

March 2017
A preclinical trail was performed in the NAVICAD project. Fraxinus, developed at SINTEF and St. Olavs hospital, is used as the planning module in the NAVICAD system. Read more in the CustusX webpages and the NAVICAD project web.

NAVICAD: Navigation system for confocal laser endomicroscopy to improve optical biopsy of peripheral lesions in the lungs.

 Fraxinus used as a planning module in the NAVICAD project.

A new EU project with the Intervention Center

January 2017
HiPerNav (High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation) is a new EU project started in November 2016. New technological methods will be developed to simplify the usage and improve the accuracy in surgical navigation. The developed methods will be integrated in CustusX and NorMIT, and the most promising methods will also be integrated in a commercial product for one of the industrial partners (CAScination, Switzerland). Read more about the new EU project here

Navigation using CustusX in laparoscopic liver surgery at St. Olavs Hospital.

Open access book chapter accepted for publication in InTech

Januar 2017
The advisory unit, USIGT, has written a chapter for the InTech Open Access book "Laparoscopic surgery". The chapter is about image-guided pancreatic surgery. See

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CustusX navigation during a laparoscopic pancreas procedure at St. Olavs Hospital. Photo: SINTEF

Fraxinus available for download

January 2017
The open source, software only, navigation system for bronchoscopy is available for download at