Scope and Objectives

The 1st Trondheim Gas Technology Conference will be focused on fundamental and applied research and development regarding Gas Technology. The target of this scientific conference is to bring forward, present and discuss the work being performed within the R&D institutions, universities and industries within this topic. 

The gas chain is shown below, with the topics for this conference highlighted:

Scientific contributions describing fundamental and applied research within the following topics are invited:

  • Gas processing and conditioning
  • Pipeline gas transport
  • Concepts for non-pipeline gas transport (LNG, CNG, HLG, NGH, others)
  • LNG technology (onshore and offshore applications)
    - Liquefaction
    - Storage
    - Re-gasification
    - Utilisation
  • Gas conversion processes
  • Novel technologies
  • System analysis
  • Techno-economic assessment
  • Pilot-scale activities
  • International R&D projects   .
Maria Barrio

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Gas Technology Centre NTNU-SINTEF

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