2016 - Program and presentations

5. Desember 2016
Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim

08.00   Registration
08.30   Conference opening
             Mona Mølnvik, Research Director at SINTEF 
08.50   Setting the stage
             Moderator Sonja van Renssen from EnergyPost.eu
08.55   Norwegian Gas in a Market Perspective
             Morten Anker, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
09.15   EUs energy policies and the role of gas in the transition to a low carbon economy (presentation not available)
             Samuele Furfari, Advisor to Deputy Director-General, DG Energy, European Commission
09.35  From policy to practical solutions: Prospects from an industry point of view
            Johan Leuraers, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, Statoil
09.55  Coffee break
10.20  Technology development to secure long-term competition of Norwegian gas
            Frode Leversund, CEO at Gassco
10.40   The role of natural gas in the Norwegian Energy21 strategy
             Sverre Aam, Chairman of the Energi21 Board
11.00   Panel debate: What is the role of gas R&D to realise the future energy market?
12.00   Lunch

Scientific plenary 

The scientific presentations will be presented in various open access journals.

Chair: Petter Nekså, SINTEF Energy Research
13.20   Liquefied Hydrogen Production and Export in Norway
             Berstad, Nekså, Voldsund, Wilhelmsen, Korpås, SINTEF Energy Research
13.40   Gas to Pipe - Treating Gas in a Remotely Operated Factory
             Gotaas Johnsen, Johannessen, Kojen, Fredheim, Pettersen, Statoil
14.00   Challenges and Literature Review on Combined H2S/H2O Removal for Subsea Application
             Skylogianni, Pinto, Knuutila, NTNU
14.20   Coffee break and refreshments 

Scientific parallel sessions
Parallel 1: Sustainable solutions
Chair: Diego Pinto, NTNU
14.40   CO2 Capture in Natural Gas Production by Adsorption Processes
             Grande, Roussanaly, Anantharaman, Lindqvist, Singh, Kemper, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry  and SINTEF Energy Research
15.00   Concepts for Large-Scale Hydrogen Production
             Åtland, Jakobsen, NTNU
15.20   Carbon Dioxide Capture from Hydrogen Production Plants
             Ramdin, Jamali, Vlugt, Delft University of Technology
15.40   Coffee break and refreshments
16.00   Modelling mercury distribution in the gas value chain
             Panteli, Skouras, Solbraa, Statoil
16.20   Process Integration and Improvement of Combined Cycle Power Plant with Hydrogen Fuel Produced Using Chemical Looping Reforming and CO2 Capture
            Nazir, Bolland, Amini, NTNU and SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Parallel 2: Efficiency and safety
Chair: Jostein Pettersen, Statoil
14.40   Comparative Exergetic Evaluation of the Integration of Regasification of LNG Into an Air Separation Process
              Tesch, Morosuk, Tsatsaronis, TU Berlin
15.00   Development of Exergy Efficiency for Complex LNG Processes
              Kim, Gundersen, NTNU
15.20   Wet Gas Compression – Technology Development and Operation
              Bakken, Bjørge, Nordhus, NTNU and Statoil
15.40    Coffee break and refreshments
16.00    Predicting Rapid Phase Transition in LNG Spills on Water
              Gjennestad, Aursand, Wilhelmsen, Drezen, Hammer, Reigstad, SINTEF Energy Research
16.20    The Relative Importance of Model Parameters in Predictive Transient Models
              Sund, Uni Research Polytec. NTNU

16.40  Closing remarks by Petter Nekså, SINTEF Energy Research 

17.00   End of conference day

19.30   Conference Dinner    

Programme (PDF)