2014 - Programme and presentations

4 June 2014

A1 Flow phenomena

B1 Membrane separation

  • Mass transfer study of tubular gas-liquid membrane contactor for CO2 separation using ionic liquids based solvent, Muhammad Usman, NTNU
  • Membrane engineering for CO2 separation by gas separation systems, Alessio Caravella, ITM-CNR
  • Intensification of CO2/CH4 separation using task-specific ionic liquids with  low vapor pressure co-solvents for natural gas sweetening, Jun Li, East China  University of Science and Technology/NTNU 

A2 Flow phenomena

B2 Acid gas removal

A3 Mix session

B3 Acid gas removal

5 June 2014  

A4 LNG process and component

B4 Natural gas market and infrastructure

A5 Heat exchangers

B5 Natural gas market and infrastructure

Closing remarks, Astrid Lilliestråle, Conference Chair, SINTEF’s Director of the Gas Technology Centre     


  • The sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming process operated in fluidized bed reactors: a one dimensional two-fluid model, Jannike Solsvik, NTNU                                               
  • A study of bubble column by a combined multifluid-population balance model, Jannike Solsvik, NTNU                       
  • Validation of coalescence closures: film drainage time, Jannike Solsvik, NTNU                    
  • A study of mass transfer limitations in Fisher-tropsch processes, Camilla Berge Vik, NT  
  • Membrane material development for a gas-liquid membrane contactor for natural gas sweetening, Karen Nessler Seglem, NTNU                                                                                
  • Simulation study of pore size and charge effect to the selectivity of CO2/H2 syngas mixture in a carbon membrane, Thuat T. Trinh, NTNU                                                                   
  • Natural Gas Engine De-loading on LNG Fuelled Vessels, Kjell Kolsaker, NTNU