Keynote session

What are today's LNG technology challenges? (Available upon) Rob Klein Nagelvoort Gas & LNG Tech Consult
R&D topics stimulated from upstream gas processing challenges Sigurd Gaard Genesis Oil & Gas

Recent Developments in Direct Routes for Natural Gas Conversion

Anders Holmen NTNU

Poster session

A numerical study of the sorption-enhanced reaction process for CO2 capture with application to steam methane reforming: -efficiency factor sensitivity NTNU
Multicomponent mass diffusion flux closures in porous pellets for DME process: -mass and molar forms NTNU
Multicomponent mass diffusion in porous pellets: Study of various flux models on the level of a pellet and reactor NTNU
Biomass to liquid fuels - BTL NTNU
Coupling between continuity-momentum and energy equation in 1D gas flow Polytec
Characterization and Performance of Pd-CeO2 Catalysts as a Powder in Fixed-bed Reactor and as a Coating in a Stacked Foil Microreactor for the Methanol Synthesis NTNU
Reinforcement of hollow fibre membrane with crystals (Available upon )


Financing mix in Gas Transport projects SINTEF Energy Reserch
 Modeling and simulation of Cold Flow Fluidized Bed Reactors NTNU

Session: Natural Gas Technology - R&D Highlights Session A1: Gas Conversion - Materials

Mechanical properties of La2NiO4 membranes for gas separation  Xinzhi Chen NTNU
Partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas over Rh - promoted perovskites Radostina Palcheva Chemistry department, UiO
Ethylene oxychlorination catalysis - role of metal promoters on activity and selectivity of the process Naresh B. Muddada inGAP, UiO
Metal dusting corrosion initiation in conversion of natural gas to synthesis gas Hilde Venvik NTNU

Session B1: LNG Fundamentals

Impact of boiling liquid on fluid-vapour-wall interaction in LNG transfer systems (FLUVAWINT) Evert van Bokhorst TNO
Mechanical integrity of the PFHE in LNG liquefaction process Norbert (NE) Ligterink TNO
Interfacial tension – importance in process design Bernt Henning Rusten Statoil ASA
One step further from detailed experiments to design of heat exchangers for natural gas liquifaction plants He Zhao NTNU

Session A2: Gas Conversion - Modelling and industrial applications

Numerical Investigation of the Sorption Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming in a Fluidized Bed Reactor Zhongxi Chao NTNU
Steady-state Packed Bed Reactor Modeling for Methanol Synthesis Kumar Ranjan Rout NTNU
Scale-up of Microchannel Reactors for small scale GTL Proceses Rune Myrstad SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
 Economic Analysis of Industrial Parks with Carbon Capture Vibeke Stærkebye Nørstebø SINTEF Technology and Society

Session B2: Gas Transport

Mathematical modeling of gas transmission networks(Available upon ) Jonas Schweiger Zuse Institute Berlin
Ramona Infrastructure A multi horizon stochastic programming investment model Lars Hellemo NTNU
Coordinating vessel routing, inventories and trade in the LNG-supply chain Truls Flatberg SINTEF Technology and Society
Water content of high pressure natural gas: Data, prediction and experience from field Kjersti Omdahl Christensen Statoil

Session A3: Gas Processing

Use and limitations of pressure swing adsorption technology CO2 removal from natural gas (Available upon ) Carlos Grande SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
Preliminary Evaluation of SPUNG with SRK for Modelling the Thermodynamic Properties of CO2 – Water Mixtures Mohamed Ibrahim NTNU
Active vapour split adjustment for energy optimal control of dividing wall distillation columns experimental studies Deeptanshu Dwivedi NTNU
 Low-temperature CO2 removal from natural gas David Berstad SINTEF Energy Research

Session A4: LNG Processes

Numerical analysis of the influence of pipe thermal capacity during pressure drop oscillations Ezequiel Manavela Chiapero NTNU
 Energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in LNG chains Bengt Olav Neeraas Statoil ASA
Active constraint regions for a simple LNG process Sigurd Skogestad NTNU
Zero Emission Regasification Technology Suthan Vivekananthan Aker Engineering & Technology