gas in the future international energy market

The Gas Technology Centre NTNU-SINTEF (GTS) organized TGTC-4 in Trondheim on December 5th 2016.

The international energy market is changing. Norwegian and European policy makers consider natural gas an important energy source in the transition to the low carbon economy. Nevertheless, the interest and support for gas related research and technology development is declining.

The Trondheim Gas Technology Conference, traditionally an applied scientific conference, addressed this situation by including the policy approach. What is the role for natural gas in the future international energy market? Will there be room for gas after the green transition? How can we bridge the gap between the need for low carbon technologies and the unused potential of gas? What are the research needs?

Stakeholders gave their perspectives on the matters. The Brussel based energy journalist Sonja Van Renssen moderatored and during the panel debate she enabled fruitful discussions and brought out the clear arguments of Norwegian and EU decision makers, suppliers, operators and researchers. Also, the audience posed questions and provided their opinions on the matters.

In the afternoon session, leading gas researchers from Norway and abroad gave insight to ongoing research, in particular at NTNU and SINTEF. The presentations spanned over natural gas related topics from processing and conditioning, gas transport and liquefaction, process integration and hydrogen production from natural gas. See the figure below. 

 The conference topics are highlighted in colours.