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CLIMIT is the Norwegian national programme for research, development and demonstration of technologies for CCS. The programme is a collaboration between Gassnova and the Research Council of Norway.

The CLIMIT programme is one of the world leading funding schemes supporting research and development within carbon capture and storage (CCS). With an annual budget in excess of NOK 200 million, the programme seeks to support projects lead by Norwegian industry, research institutes, universities and university colleges. Moreover, the programme promotes collaboration with international companies and research institutes.

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Gassnova is the Norwegian state enterprise for CCS. Our overarching objective remains to contribute to the development and incubation of solutions enabling the capture and storage of carbon, in order for the globe to remain habitable for future generations.

Gassnova stimultates tehnology research, development and demonstration by providing financial support through the CLIMIT programme, and contributes to the realization of technology in industrial full-scale pioneer plants. Our extensive national and international cooperation ensures the broad application of the technology. Furthermore, Gassnova also provides advice to the authorities in CCS matters.

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Published February 24, 2015

Nils Anders Røkke , Conference Chair

Hallvard Svendsen, Chair Scientific Committee

Rune Aarlien , Chair, Organizing Committee

     Organized by BIGCCS – International CCS Research Centre under auspices of NTNU and SINTEF