Conference Proceedings

The short papers are published in SINTEF Proceedings, an Open Access Conference series. SINTEF Proceedings is recognized in the weighted funding model in Norway.

The Short PApers are published in SINTEF Proceedings.

SINTEF Proceedings is indexed by Google Scholar and is under evaluation for indexing by Scopus. The peer-review procedures are according to international academic standards. Publishing with SINTEF Proceedings is compliant with the H2020 Open Access Mandate.

Publications from the series are published electronically, but may also in some cases be printed, generally for project funds.

For each short paper in the series, a drafting committee was appointed, assessing and selecting the contributions. The drafting committee made sure that the quality of all contributions published in SINTEF Proceedings, is assured by external peers.

Below, is described the procedure which were followed, with the potential adaptation to the special needs of various subjects.

  • The short paper cannot exceed 4 pages.
  • Contributions received before the announced deadline, will be forwarded to two experts in the relevant subject.
  • Based on the comments from two experts, the drafting committee decides whether the contribution is accepted, refused, or has to be modified/improved by the author.
  • Contributions that have to be modified/improved by the author, must be approved again by the two experts.
  • In cases of doubt, a third expert will evaluate the contribution.
  • Only approved (accepted) contributions will be included in the conference publication.