Videos of all keynote presentations and pitches are found here

Opening Session - Day 1

A1 - Absorption pilot operations and new  constructions

B1 - Membranes

C1 - CCS whole system issues

D1 - International R and D activities

E1 - Geomechanics and  induced seismicity

A2 - Absorption pilots and demonstration

B2 - Calcium looping

C2 - CCS whole system issues

D2 - Hydrogen production and use

E2 - Well integrity

A3 - Absorption solvents

B3 - CO2 utilization with permanent storage and industril applications

C3 - CCS whole system issues

D3 - Hydrogen CCS chain

E3 - Geophysical monitoring methods

Plenary Session - Day 2

A4 - Materials development - Techno-economics

B4 - Membranes

C4 - CO2 utilization with permanent storage and industiral applications

D4 - Public acceptance and communication

E4 - Storage site  characterization

A5 - Absorption solvent degradation and corrosion

B5 - Adsorbents

C5 - CO2 transport

D5 - Direct air capture

E5 - CO2 Injectivity and EOR

A6 - Pre-combustion capture absorption, adsorption and membranes

B6 - Calcium and chemical looping

C6 - CO2 Transport - experiments and modeling

D6 - CCS future

E6 - CO2 Storage miscellaneous