System development and architecture

The development of SysLife will be based on state-of-the-art principles for iterative and incremental development using a model-based approach. The aim is to apply a service-oriented and distributed architecture, and to use de facto standards for service specification and exchange. The service-oriented system is basis for a high degree of independence between SysLife modules. Integration can be achieved between modules independent of programming languages and operating systems.

One example of SysLifes architecture is shown in the figure below. The figure shows functions related to search and use of processed data. The functions are offered as web services to the user. The web services can be accessed via a web client or the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

The main focus in the SysLife project will be on development of prioritized functions, as e.g. data exchange with CMMS, and functions for managing a damage atlas will be integrated in SysLife. this will allow companies participating in the project to start collecting photos of typical damages.


Published June 6, 2012

Project owner: Energy Norway  -  Project manager: Bjarne Børresen

Project conductor : SINTEF Energy Research  -  Project leader: Thomas Welte