System description

SysLife will consist of 5 main modules:

  1. Transfer of raw data from the CMMS to SysLife
  2. Analysis of raw data and generation of processed data
  3. Searching for processed data and using it for further analyses
  4. Condition monitoring handbooks
  5. Damage atlas



Information from the existing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in the companies (raw data, e.g. condition data and fault registrations, maintenance and renewals performed, equipment, operation conditions, etc.) can be used for maintenance and lifetime analyses. Raw data will be transferred to SysLife where data is analyzed and processed by equipment experts to establish input data (processed data, e.g. life curves, mean time to failure, etc.) for lifetime analysis and optimization of maintenance. A SysLife test version where new functions are continuously implemented is available for project participants.

To ensure that raw data is collected in a standardized manner, SysLife will provide information about typical failure mechanisms for different components, execution of condition monitoring and assessment of technical condition. Existing handbooks contain much of this information. As a result of the SysLife project, a new and web-based handbook version has been made available. A damage atlas with photos of typical damages and faults for different components in the power system will be integrated in the system. In order to allow exchange of data between SysLife and the related systems (CMMS, systems for risk analysis and maintenance planning), a set of rules and formats must be defined.

SysLife can either be used by a single company to collect, store and process lifetime related data, or by several companies to establish a collective data base. The raw data is collected in SysLife, is made anonymous, and processed data is created by the system. Processed data can be used as basis for further analyses, such as lifetime analyses, risk analyses and maintenance optimization.


Published March 26, 2012

Project owner: Energy Norway  -  Project manager: Bjarne Børresen

Project conductor : SINTEF Energy Research  -  Project leader: Thomas Welte