Project benefit

The project results allow the companies:

  • To utilize knowledge and data about the components technical condition in models for estimation of remaining lifetime and failure probability
  • To reveal trends in the component's technical degradation
  • To improve knowledge about the relation between operational loads, environmental stresses and failure mechanisms

Thus, the project results will contribute to value-adding in the companies by improving risk analyzing and maintenance planning through reducing the uncertainty related to lifetime and failure probability of the components.

The most important benefit of the Syslife project for the companies will be:

  • To choose and carry out the best maintenance and reinvestment projects
  • To optimize use of financial resources, manpower and material
  • To make more robust decisions and to improve risk management
  • To reduce production losses and to improve security of energy supply due to reduced failure probability of critical components
  • To make the application of earlier developed methods easier and to increase their utility value

Published March 26, 2012

Project owner: Energy Norway  -  Project manager: Bjarne Børresen

Project conductor : SINTEF Energy Research  -  Project leader: Thomas Welte