Program SPHERIC 2013

 Download official program SPHERIC 2013  Note that all presentations are 13 minutes.

Two keynote lectures will be given. They are as follows:

Daniel Price: SPH - How I learnt to stop worrying and love Lagrangians

Daniel Price is Research Fellow at Monash Centre for Astrophysics. His research is focused on Computational Astrophysics including Magnetohydrodynamics, Star Formation and SPH. His presentation will cover the Hamiltonian formulation of SPH, along with the best current methods for shock capturing and dealing with the standard problems that arise, e.g. the tensile and pairing instabilities, plus some other practical issues.

Damien Violeau: SPH numerical stability - how to choose the optimal time step
Damien Violeau is Expert Scientist at EDF Research and Development. His work focuses on free surface flows and fluid-structure interactions for coastal defense and river waterworks. His lecture will explain how to choose the optimal time step for SPH from a von Neumann stability analysis. Validations against numerical experiments will be provided.

Published March 11, 2013