R&D objectives
The aim of the proposed project is to obtain sufficient knowledge to decide how to proceed with implementation of the SHARM concept in a new short-term scheduling tool.

This knowledge will also be useful when the model is to be operationalized by the hydropower industry. 

The following secondary objectives are defined in the project:

  • Calculate added economic value from using SHARM based on extensive testing in the individual utilities and at SINTEF Energi AS.
  • Identify and mitigate the challenges of implementation of the stochastic model for operative decisions in the utilities.
  • Generate an overview of the process required for operationalizing the model on partner level and in general.
  • Estimate the intra-utility cost of implementing SHARM.

Together these aims will provide better information about the economic value that can be expected from operationalizing SHARM into the daily scheduling task. This economic value must be able to justify the costs for implementation of the SHARM concept into a final model as well as the integration cost in the utilities.

Published September 9, 2013